Always goes above and beyond and brings a positive attitude to the work place

Nominee: Rachelle Bingham

What best describes the values shown by this person: Great team member

Description of what this person did, and how it shows our values: : Every time Rachelle shows up to site she always brings a positive attitude and a excitement to help us learn. on multiple occasions she has taken phone calls, emails, and messages from the operators whether its during or after work hours and helping them with there questions. She always stresses the importance of communication and is more then happy to help out where she can. The biggest example of her being a great team member has been during the time we had a shut in with Pembina. she was right along side us helping us get our samples together, making sure our system was properly calibrated and answering our questions as soon as she knew the answers. Rachelle is great at building people up and helping us learn. She always goes above and beyond her required job scope with helping out and bringing a positive attitude.
Nominated By: Kevin Veroba April 15th, 2023