Did the right thing

Nominee: Grant Gallie

What best describes the values shown by this person: Did the right thing, Worked Safely

Description of what this person did, and how it shows our values: : The other day a load of 30% sour “produced water” showed up at our Buck Creek FST. In talking with the driver, it was determined that the water was from a tank on a well work over, so Grant decided to mask up and take a sample. In doing so he found that the material had 6% solids and would be troublesome for our infrastructure if it was fully off-loaded on the water riser and instead needed to be off-loaded as waste on the solids pad. Grant then held the truck from offloading, contacted me, told me the situation and provided me with the appropriate contact information for the consultant. It was discussed with the consultant that his material was misclassified and in order for us to accept it we would require a manifest with the correct classification and more importantly because it needed to be off-loaded on the solids pad, have this load be fully sweetened to eliminate the threat of sour gas being released to atmosphere and potentially causing harm to our employees. In the end, the customer decided to utilize one of our competitors, but this is a small price to pay as Grant did the right thing and worked safely. He wanted to help the customer but not at the cost of damaging facility infrastructure and putting people at risk.

Nominated By: Evan Kluk
February 22nd, 2023