Exceptional Service

Nominee:Julie Wijaya

What best describes the values shown by this person: Julie is a great team member and offers exceptional customer service

Description of what this person did, and how it shows our values: : Julie is responsible for completing Lab tests on samples sent in from the field. I regularly send samples in for scale inhibitor residuals and as of late it has been important that I see the results in a timely fashion as there are concerns with our internal customers facility and the issues they are having. These results help show part of the picture of what is happening. I have not had to ask Julie to speed up her process on getting them to me, she just does it as a normal service and I’ve been seeing results the next day after they are sent in. Julie is pleasant to deal with and I appreciate what she does for me. She’s a team player.


Nominated By: Milt Janzen
February 17th, 2023