My Lead Hand is my role model

Nominee: Sheldon Ganie

What best describes the values shown by this person: Compassionate, caring, encouraging, role model

Description of what this person did, and how it shows our values: : To whom it may concern,
I would like to nominate Mr. Sheldon Ganie for something so much more than just a shout out in 1000 little things. I hope my words can describe to each and everyone of you who read this, what a terrific human being he is and how big of an impact he has made in my life.

Mr. Ganie throughout my first year with Secure has been hands down the best role model I could ask for as a young man and operator. He plays a very busy and important role on my site as well as several others he tends to. Mr. Ganie always has the RIGHT answer when called upon no matter the time of day or night, on shift or off shift. His professionalism is something I strive for someday, I am thankful to have him be part of my leadership team. This man bleeds blue ( not on site )

Despite the importance he carries on site, I am not nominating Sheldon for that.

Without being to open about our conversations or making this to long, Mr. Ganie has shown me compassion and support in my personal life to which I am beyond thankful for. Be it concerns about my work, advise on home life, raising children or just being the ear I need, when life has me in the lowest of spots. Although this is not his job and not required of him, Sheldon has dropped everything to talk me through tough times and get my head back where it needs to be. He has seen me at my lowest and picked my chin back up to look at the bright side of things with just a talk. I hope to be half as good of man as he is someday

Mr. Ganie is a true gentleman with a passion for his job and the people he works with. An amazing example of what Secure employees can be. For that, thank you.

Nominated By: William J McVicar
February 3rd, 2023