Great Performance

Nominee: Sean Beeson

What best describes the values shown by this person: Worked Safely

Description of what this person did, and how it shows our values: : During an ERP tabletop, Sean was the Incident Commander for majority of the scenario. Sean displayed great enthusiasm and ownership not just during the ERP but outside of it as well, from the orientation delivered to the overall hospitality. The scenario was challenging and had some pressure. Sean stepped up and was able to take command in the role of IC and was not afraid to delegate, make decisions and own the outcomes. Sean also took me for a tour of South Taylor and during the tour explained the different processes within the facility that I was not familiar with. There is a great sense of pride of the South Taylor plant from ops to leadership and it shows in the facility. Thank you for the experience.

Nominated By: Matthew Kuehl
February 1st, 2023