It’s the thousand little things you do every day that make SECURE an industry leader. By living our values, you can make positive contributions that have an impact on our customers, your peers and the communities in which we live and work.

Your collective efforts are our collective success and we have built this space to share and celebrate those successes.

Thousand Little Things is a recognition program that acknowledges the attitudes, behaviours, and contributions that reflect SECURE Values. It is an opportunity for you to give a peer a pat on the back or for a manager to recognize when an employee has truly gone the extra mile.

Live the SECURE Way

Treat Others the Way They Want to be Treated
  • Respect diverse viewpoints and personality styles
  • Share information that is helpful to others
  • Welcome opportunities to work together
Be a Great Team Member
  • Have fun and celebrate our successes
  • Be humble and positive
  • Thank those who help you
Do the Right Thing
  • Conduct yourself ethically and professionally
    • if you see something, say something
  • Strive to be your best, never give up
  • Learn from your mistakes

Work the SECURE Way

Work Safely
  • Commit to personal and organizational safety
  • Follow safety rules and standard operating procedures
  • Speak up about potential risks
Enjoy Serving Customers
  • Take time to understand and clarify needs
  • Focus on what creates value
  • Get creative, be enthusiastic and continuously improve
Hold Yourself Accountable
  • Own the outcome, not just the task
  • Tackle problems and difficult conversations head-on
  • Reduce waste